Marc P. Orlando M.D.
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
What is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation?

Also known as a Physiatrist, a PM&R physician specializes in disorders and injuries to the musculoskeletal system. They are medical doctors that have advanced training with the musculoskeletal system. They are capable of covering almost all areas of interventional medicine, or non-surgical treatment.

A spine specialist has had even further training and certifications regarding the spine. A physician who specializes in the spine will set up treatment goals, options, and a plan from start to finish with the patient and family members.

Here we strive to restore function in a timely manner. Quality of life and patient satisfaction are our top priority.

How do you know if this is right for you?

If you have had spine pain that is brand new from a work related injury or an old pain that seems to never go away, there may be help out there for you.